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Who We Work With


audioDave works with developers, contractors, architects and designers to bring the homes they construct and renovate to life with cutting-edge integrated technology. We also work with home and business owners to fully integrate and optionally automate their technology systems for audio, video, lighting, HVAC, shades, and security. Our deep working knowledge of the available equipment and our functional understanding of design practices, paired with our experienced programming team, allow us to offer best-in-class solutions for integrated and automated homes, offices, high-rises, vehicles and beyond.


Developer / Contractor / Architect / Designer

Developer / Contractor / Architect / Designer

The most modern and cutting-edge homes and offices are created when an integrator is included in the initial buildout process. audioDave regularly works with contractors, developers, designers, and architects to integrate and automate the technology in a home or office as part of an initial design or renovation.

  • Upstage the competition: Deliver first-rate integration and automation services directly to your clientele.
  • Bundle audioDave‚Äôs expertise into the bid to boost the bottom line and add value to the final product.
  • Have technologists at the ready to advise on how the technology works with the physical structure of a building.
Home / Business Owner

Home / Business Owner

Having best-in-class technology in your home or business is only valuable if it is simple and easy-to use. audioDave works with home and business owners to design and create integrated and automated technology solutions that make life easier both at home and in the office. Well-designed technology systems save time and money and add comfort and convenience to your environment.

  • Entirely custom-tailored solutions ensure that your environment suits your specific needs
  • Simple controls and superior customer service ensure you know how to operate your systems
  • Best-in-class integration and automation solutions add resale and rental value to your home