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Top 10 Most Shared Home Automation Articles of 2017

Top 10 Most Shared Home Automation Articles of 2017

Top 10 Most Shared Home Automation Articles of 2017

BuzzSumo, a platform designed to help identify key influencers and pioneering articles, provides its users with the ability to rank articles based off of their engagement and popularity on the internet. Using this platform, we've singled out the top 10 most-shared, top-performing articles on Home Automation published in 2017. These highly popular articles, blogs, and resource centers included everything from how-to posts to comprehensive lists. Leading articles expounded upon the ways in which home automation can streamline efficiency and improve quality of life and several even focused on how home automation is poised to transform the world.

Curious about the articles that made a splash in the home automation realm in 2017? Read on for summaries of the top ten success stories.  


#1: Home Automation Goes High Tech –

25.3 Facebook Engagements, 9 LinkedIn Shares, 24 Twitter Shares, and 1 Pinterest Share


25.3k Facebook Engagements, 9 LinkedIn Shares, 24 Twitter Shares, and 1 Pinterest Share


In Rachel Riderer’s article, “Smart Homes are Creating Positive Change for Our Future,” the author focuses on the ways smart devices exploit the power of Artificial Intelligence to “figure out each user’s individual preferences.” Riderer praises the cost-savings aspect of home automation, calling out Smart Grid Technology, which “uses real-time data to adjust supply and demand across whole utility networks.” Perched at the forefront of “tremendous advancement,” home automation stands posed to empower a whole new level of practical, intuitive operation.


#2: Five Awesome Ways Virtual Assistants are Aiding Home Automation –


24.4K Facebook Shares, 11 LinkedIn Shares, and 1 Pinterest Share


Clickatell’s succinct article on virtual assistants pinpoints some of the myriad ways automation can boost efficiency – and improve our quality of life. Virtual assistants can help to ensure that our fridges are stocked and our personal finances are under control. Plus, virtual assistants can perform research and manage non-essential tasks, like playing music, pulling up directions, and writing messages to contacts. Virtual assistants make scheduling appointments a breeze – which means that the virtual assistant is increasingly taking the place of the personal assistant, ­and at a fraction of the cost.


#3: Zelda Ocarina Controlled Home Automation –

21.1K Facebook Shares, 50 LinkedIn Shares, 50 Twitter Shares


This compelling video boasts more than two million YouTube views and has garnered hundreds of thousands of comments. The footage features a user playing “Zelda’s Lullaby,” to which the devices in the home respond. Musical cues work in tandem with other devices in the home, and specific musical notes activate lights, thermostats, dehumidifiers, clocks, and even a pump designed to water houseplants.


#4: Smart Home Automation –

15.4K Facebook Shares, 1 Twitter Share


Home Depot’s Smart Home Automation page has attracted attention from tens of thousands of Facebook users. The page is appealingly designed, with bold, straightforward imagery paired with minimal written articles. Home Depot’s online resource center features a user-friendly Smart Home guide alongside overviews of every element of the automated environment.


#5: Smart Home Automation –

8K Facebook Shares, 4.8K LinkedIn Shares, 255 Twitter Shares, and 293 Pinterest Shares


Nett 100’s Smart Home Automation page has caused quite a stir on LinkedIn, with nearly 5,000 shares on that network. Dynamic, revolving content features commentary on smart home comfort, wireless home automation, and touch screen computers – to name just a few.


#6 Home Automation Systems, Controlling Everything in Your Home Through Voice Recognition Systems -

2 Facebook Shares, 1 LinkedIn Share, 1 Twitter Share, 8.3K Pinterest Shares


This easy-to-read article outlines the value of voice recognition where home automation is concerned. The author admits that wireless control panels “can be a nuisance when you forget where you placed [them]” – but voice recognition eliminates the need to know the panel’s exact location. Voice recognition allows you to request lighting, temperature changes, and more – without ever having to activate the panel physically. With voice recognition, the user’s voice holds supreme control.


#7: Home Automation with Raspberry Pi, Node and React –

304 Facebook Shares, 6.2K LinkedIn Shares, 63 Twitter Shares, 6 Pinterest Shares

Kirilov may be new to the world of blogging, but his first-person write-up on Home Automation with Raspberry Pi, Node and React amassed worldwide attention on LinkedIn. In this post, he explains how he’s created his own phone app, with Raspberry Pi 3 functioning as the controlling unit. Useful graphics alongside comprehensive lists made this article one of the top-read Home Automation pieces last year.


#8: What’s New in Realease 2.1 –

5.3K Facebook Shares, 1 Twitter Share


This straightforward article produced for Lowe’s outlines every component of the Iris 2.1 upgrade. Attractive developments include a cleaner, simpler dashboard, plus enhanced security alarm features. New tweaks to the Iris Web Portal round out the user-friendly upgrade.


#9: Ikea is Getting Into Home Automation with a New Smart Hub –

25 Facebook Shares, 3K LinkedIn Shares, 941 Twitter Shares, and 3 Pinterest Shares


Chaim Gartenberg’s article speaks to home automators on a budget. Ikea’s new line of smart lighting is called Trådfri – “wireless” in Swedish. Constructed around the ZigBee Light Link Standard for connected lights, the core of the system “is a gateway device that connects to the Internet via an Ethernet connection and creates a local…network to connect light bulbs.” A motion-controlled dimmer means you can raise and lower light levels by rolling the switch around in your hand. The new system hit stores in March of last year.


#10: Automate Your Home –

23.K Facebook Shares, 3 Twitter Shares


The pioneering Home Automation Nepal released this popular video, which earned more than seven thousand YouTube views. The playful video shows a home operating on its own – shades open automatically, lights come on by themselves, and the television turns itself on. A friendly host walks viewers through his smart home, illustrating how smart security and other automated elements can boost the comfort and safety of any home, anywhere.


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