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Problems Smart Home Sensors Can Solve For You

Problems Smart Home Sensors Can Solve For You

After reading the article "Ultrasonic Sensors in Smart Home Automation", published 8/1/18 on, written by Roderick Burnett - I was inspired to write this blog post. Here is what audioDave has to say about Smart Sensors. You can also read the full Maxbotix article by scrolling down below.


Automated Sensors: A New Line of Control

Roderick Burnett’s article offers a range of viewpoints where smart home sensors are concerned. Essentially, automation processes are able to harness a broad range of sensors for a variety of applications, from discouraging intruders to mitigating floodwater damage. Sensors can work to unlock doors and turn on lights as soon as your car enters the driveway, and can even alert users when the home temperature soars – or drops – which can stop hot- or cold-weather damage in its tracks. Smart sensors also work to alert users of deliveries and visitors, and can even operate from inside a mailbox to alert homeowners when they’ve got mail. Homeowners around the country are harnessing sensors to avoid pipe breakage, humidity damage, and more.


Sensors and Safety: Keeping Your Home Secure

Sensors play a major role where security is concerned, and many American homeowners have relied on motion sensors for decades already. The smart sensor, however, offers users even more control over their property and their family’s well-being. Motion and driveway sensors can alert users when a new vehicle pulls into the driveway, and can detect suspicious motion around the home’s perimeter. Smart sensors can even alert the police to any strange activity – even if you’re miles away yourself.


Unique Applications for Smart Sensors

At audioDave, technicians deal with rugged weather, complete with inclement temperatures, wild spikes, and serious outages come wintertime. Many clients reside in New England, on Cape Cod or in rural New Hampshire or Vermont. Particularly those with second homes see the value in smart home sensors, which protect basements from flooding, boilers from overheating, and more. Burst pipes and water damage are two of the top complaints audioDave works to mitigate – and electricity mixed with dangerous flooding can cost much more than just leakage.


You’ve Got Mail!

On occasion, the audioDave team has worked in collaboration with clients to automate components of mail. Sensors in the mailbox lid can actually be programmed to tell the user, “You’ve got mail!” or “Check the mail.” Security cameras facing the front door can identify FedEx, UPS, and Amazon deliveries, and even deliver an alert when a package is placed on the front step. And as soon as the package has been removed explains, the homeowner gets a text message: “Package has been removed.” Plus, the alert also includes a snapshot of whoever removed the package, so users can keep an eye on the comings and goings in and around their home.


The following article was originally published here -

Ultrasonic Sensors in Smart Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

Ultrasonic sensors are used as motion sensors in IoT home automation systems. Motion sensors can trigger alarms if motion is detected when the house is supposed to be empty.  The right sensor for your project depends on the range you are trying to detect.

Sensor technology solves many home problems when it comes to safety for your family, protecting your bank account and protecting your home from damage.

SmartThings published this infographic detailing exactly what happens in a smart home automation environment.

According to Business Insider, the global home automation market is expected to reach an estimated $75.2 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 11.4% from 2017 to 2022. The future of the home automation market looks attractive with opportunities in the safety and security, HVAC, entertainment, and lighting control applications. 


Ultrasonic Sensors for Flood Detection

The last thing you would want is to come home from a day at work to find out your basement has been flooded by a bursting water heater or some other type of water leak.

Our commonly used MB7360 is used in such cases as not only detecting levels in tanks but also used in this water level detection application.  

By programming this sensor into a system along with a smart water valve kit, you can prevent excessive damage to your home due to flooding.


Ultrasonic Sensors in Motion Detection

Engineers have been using Raspberry Pi and Arduino to interface with our sensors for practical home use.  As stated previously, our sensors can be used to trigger lights turning on with the detection of motion.


Home Monitoring

In this tutorial on All About Circuits, the creator uses our MB1040 to develop a system with Arduino to turn on a light with ultrasonic motion detection.  


Parking Your Car

Tasks you take for granted like parking your car in your garage can be made easier by installing a sensor to detect when you are close to walls or other obstacles in your garage, to let you know when to stop. In the book BeagleBone Home Automation Blueprints, there are instructions on how to create your own ultrasonic parking system using their micro-board PC running on Linux.


Do You Have Mail?

Another great project to review is the interfacing of an ultrasonic sensor with an Arduino to detect whether mail has been dropped in your mailbox.  It is an ideal application for apartment complexes and business parks.


Author: Roderick Burnett


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