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About Us

Technology, Integrated.

At audioDave we like to think of ourselves as masters of integration. Our team of experts can take virtually any disparate pieces of technological equipment in a home, office, vehicle, or industrial setting and network them together to allow centralized control by the user(s). In addition, we can add layers of automation within the system to allow for the technology to work automatically, according to the wishes and/or habits of the user.

We design, engineer, fabricate, install, and program high-end audio systems, video systems, networks, automation systems, lighting control systems, and various devices. We have deep working relationships with many equipment manufacturers, including a consultative role in research and development. This allows us to stay well ahead of the curve on technological advances and to solve even the most complex integration challenges.

We take pride in providing an unsurpassed level of customer service. Our success depends upon our willingness to take the time to get to know each client individually and understand the full picture of how they would like their systems to function and be controlled so that we can design accordingly. Once a project is complete, we ensure that users are comfortable with taking the controls. We work with general contractors and interior designers to help create fully-integrated home and office systems as well as with individual property owners to integrate and automate their properties both individually and across multiple properties if needed.